Trijicon sights feature advanced fiber optics and several intelligent features that make its scope and sights the right choice for all light conditions in the harshest environments. Specifically, The ACOG optics combines traditional, precise distance marksmanship with close-in aiming speed and flexability making Trijicon sights the most advanced sights in the world. Trijicon Sights
Trijicon Night Sights and Pistol sights
Trijicon night sights are proven to give shooters five times greater night fire accuracy with the same speed as instinctive shooting. Trijicon night sights are the first choice of major handgun manufacturers, and standard issue with hundreds of municipal and county departments, numerous state police departments and several federal agencies. Trijicon night sights
Trijicon Sights operate battery free—eliminating the potential for failure during critical moments in the field. Trijicon sights include a Manual Brightness Adjustment Override, which allows you to control the light output of the fiber optics during daylight. Trijicon riflescopes include other advanced elements like multi-layer coated lenses for superior light transmission with no distortion, quick-focus eyepiece, long-eye relief, and precise windage and elevation adjustments.
Trijicon Sights

Trijicon Pistol Sights Self-luminous Pistol Sights
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